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Some of our recent and more well-known efforts

Ashby, S.P. 2014. A Viking Way of Life. Combs and Communities in Britain and Scandinavia, c. AD 800-1100.

Ashby, S.P. and Sindbaek, S.M. 2019. Crafts and Social Networks in Viking Towns. Oxford: Oxbow.

Ashby, S.P. & Leonard, A.M. 2018. Pocket Museum: Vikings.

Cross, K. 2018. Heirs of the Vikings

History and Identity in Normandy and England, c.950-c.1015

Hadley, D.M. 2000. ​The Northern Danelaw: its social structure, c, 800–1100.

Hadley, D.M. 2006. The Vikings in England: settlement, society and culture. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

​​Hadley, D.M. and Richards, J.D. 2000.Cultures in Contact. Turnhout: Brepols.

Richards, J.D. 2000. Viking Age England. 2nd ed. Stroud: Tempus.

Richards, J.D. 2005. ​A Very Short Introduction to Vikings. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Townend, M. 2006. ​Language and History in Viking Age England: Linguistic Relations between Speakers of Old Norse and Old English, Studies in the Early Middle Ages 6. Turnhout: Brepols.

Townend, M. 2014. The Vikings and Victorian Lakeland: The Norse Medievalism of WG Collingwood and His Contemporaries. Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society.

Townend, M. 2014. Viking Age Yorkshire. Pickering: Blackthorn Press.


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